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What are Preventive Services?

It’s true, you can receive certain healthcare services for FREE! The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, constitutes health insurance companies to provide certain services to you for preventive care. This is great news!

Now what does this mean? Preventive services are vaccinations and screenings that can be rendered to limit the onset or early detection of larger illnesses. For example, screening for cholesterol allows physicians to identify high sugar levels that may lead to Diabetes.

Preventive services are divided into 3 categories: adults, women, and children. All together there are 65 preventive services you can receive each year for Free! If you would like the complete list, email us at healthcaredeciphered@gmail.com.

There is fine print you should be aware of to receive these services. First, you must have active health insurance coverage that is required to provide preventive services. Second, you must use an In-network provider from your participating health plan. Third, the physician can still bill separately for the office visit, which may require co-pays. This may not be the case if the visit is specifically to receive a preventive service.

Before you visit the physician for these services, double-check your coverage. However, the good news most people should qualify.

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