3 Ways to Save at the Pharmacy

The best tip to save at the pharmacy is to know your insurance benefits might not be the best price available. Most insurance plans have a “tier” drug pricing structure. Basically, costs start low for generic and commonly used prescriptions. However, brand names or new drugs will cost much more. The best advice is to […]

3 Ways to Avoid Denials

It’s denial season! A denial is a confirmation from a health insurance company that payment will not be made for a particular service or visit. Basically, you are paying most, if not all of the cost. If you used your health insurance already this year, you are at risk.

Holiday Medical Costs Add Up

Holiday Medical Costs Add Up Are you buying gifts for the holidays? You might want to budget for a few additional costs. During the holiday season, there is an estimated 80,000 injured people due to accidentally over-celebrating during the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, emergency room and hospital admissions increase each year. This […]


While having medical insurance is important; however, being underinsured is actually a larger problem. In 2014, 31 million Americans are underinsured, with the majority resulting from employer-based health plans. According to The Commonwealth Fund, the number of underinsured has remained unchanged, since 2014. Likely, this trend will continue. What is Underinsured? Underinsured people have health […]

Top 10 Indicators you have the wrong insurance

Do you think you pay too much for health insurance? This might be the case. How can you know for sure? Below is a list of indicators that could be driving up how much you spend on healthcare each year. If your health plan includes any of the below “benefits”, it might be time to […]

Health Insurance Premiums Increase

Health insurance premiums for 2016 are on the rise. Yesterday, we posted a blog on the difficulties of reducing healthcare costs. It has been hard for universal or single payer healthcare systems to keep costs low and Affordable Care Act is no exception. The exchange health insurance plans, which vary by state, will have increasing premiums for […]

Member complaints lead to ACA Changes

Good News for people who bought health plans on the exchange or more commonly referred as “The Affordable Healthcare Act” aka “ObamaCare”. The government is adding more guidelines for provider directories for health insurance companies. The changes are directly related to the volume of complaints from you, the member. Why is this good? The provider […]

Preventive services a cost reducer?

There are numerous articles about preventive services, but can these initiatives decrease healthcare costs? It might be worth the doctor visit, but we all have to help! In the past few years, there has been an increased emphasis on preventive services. A preventive service is precautionary measure to prevent disease, disability, and death, while promoting healthy […]

What are Preventive Services?

It’s true, you can receive certain healthcare services for FREE! The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, constitutes health insurance companies to provide certain services to you for preventive care. This is great news! Now what does this mean? Preventive services are vaccinations and screenings that can be rendered to limit the onset or early detection […]