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Healthcare Cost Maternity Estimator

Maternity Costs

Most expecting parents wonder what the healthcare costs are for a baby. There is a simple approach to guide you. There have been a number of changes to health insurance in the past few years, mandating more benefits for maternity coverage. Our step by step insurance explanation will provide a little insight into the complicated healthcare system. In addition, give you an estimate on the amount that you will need to be set aside for the pending bundle of joy.

Prenatal Care

This consists of a series of OB visits that includes labs and other tests, as necessary.  The cost without insurance is about $2,000 on average. If you have insurance a copay is charged at each visit and coinsurance for the tests and labs. The costs may be a few hundred, but drastically less than if you have no insurance. There are OB physicians that offer special pricing, so ask your doctor.


This is the uncertain part related to costs as there are different types. Obviously, a birthing center is going to be 1/3rd of the Hospital cost. However, not many people have this option.

A vaginal birth in the hospital without complicates is approximately $10,000 dollars. On the other end of the spectrum, a cesarean with complications could be over $25,000 dollars. Deductibles and coinsurance always apply to hospital costs. This will be the majority of the cost; therefore, estimate the worst case scenario. Planning ahead is the best way to eliminate surprises.


Despite the high hospital costs, there is good news. Most maternity supplies are covered by insurance including the breast feeding pump and lactation consultants. The ACA mandated insurance companies to cover breast pumps, manual and automatic. There is no need to pay full costs. Breast pumps are covered under your health insurance’s durable medical equipment benefits. Lactation consultants are part of the provider network for most health plans. Your options can be found in the provider directory available on your insurance company’s website.


The best advice to lower costs is to stay with providers who participate with your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, having a baby does qualify you for a special enrollment period. Therefore, you should be able to obtain easily.

All insurance is required to provide maternity benefits, which includes prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. If you receive any charges related to these services that are higher than expected, check with your insurance company immediately.

If you are in the process of trying to get pregnant there is financial assistance. There are plans that will cover portions of fertilization services, but it takes some investigating. If you have employer insurance that does not cover these services, inquire about adding a secondary private insurance plan to your coverage. This will help to alleviate costs.

Good luck!

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