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Specializing in consulting services to help providers with payer management to increase revenue, reduce waste, and streamline their operations.

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Healthcare Deciphered

Healthcare is frustrating, complicated, and overall boring. However, it is essential. If you buy without researching, you could be left paying thousands more than necessary. You have to take an active role to prevent overspending! The only way (without this book) is to have a degree in healthcare. Even that may not help completely. 

This book prevents the need for higher education, breaking down the industry into a handbook for success. By applying a few steps, everyone can decrease the amount paid on everything from doctor visits to large hospital bills. In addition, we help provide undisclosed secrets about your healthcare companies. 

I know all the intregal details that are not available elsewhere. To be honest, most of the specifics mentioned in this book are not even taught at the graduate level. You have to be in the industry.

The best part is I’m telling you everything. It’s time to start really understanding how health care works. We need to be as familiar with healthcare bills, as we are with our utility bills. I guarantee if the cable bill goes up, you notice. I know I do. This is the reason I’m creating a handbook and helping unlock the answers to all the questions you never knew to ask. How could you? You don’t have a degree in healthcare, nor do you want one. Instead you can use my education and experience to navigate the industry like a pro. Let’s get started.

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