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Companies refute ACA Preventive services?

Recently, Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka ObamaCare, regarding the Birth Control Mandate. The Mandate required all companies must provide contraceptive coverage to their employees. This may cause some concerns, as the ACA preventive services mandate is designed to promote wellness and to protect employee rights. Nevertheless, here is the result:

Technically, Hobby Lobby won.

However, the Federal government is NOT revising the ACA Preventive Services Mandates, including the Birth Control Mandate. Instead, the government is offering a “Workaround” for companies. Health insurance companies and most other companies are still required to provide these services, but there are exceptions. Religious organizations do not have to comply with this Mandate; in addition, the government has provided another exception. Certain non-profit religious organizations can also apply for exception.

However, there is still another option if your employer does not provide contraceptives. You can work directly with the health insurance plan, which can provide coverage. The “catch” is the company has to sign a form stating their refusal to provide these medications. The good news is there are options for employers and employees, no matter your political affiliation. The important point is care can be obtained, if necessary and desired.

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